Dear Papa Bear

Dear Papa Bear, I'm going to miss you. Here are some of my memories of our life together.

My New Normal

I hate that phrase "the new normal," I finally understand how it applies to me though. Grief never let's you get comfortable.

Positive. Positive. Negative.

Why is it that the things we remember the most are the hard things? The things that hurt? Why do our brains go to that first, rather than characterize a moment in time with the more positive? You know what I mean.

Photo by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash

A hamster. A freezer. A hungry grandpa.

One time we took care of our neighbors' hamsters. One hamster bit my brother and died. It ended up in the freezer. My grandpa was hungry. (Note: He did NOT eat the hamster.)


My space at work. Two adorable faces staring back at me. Tomorrow starts another work week. When you were six or so you decided you wanted to be a scientist. Mom got you a lab coat, dad got you test tubes and I may have rolled my eyes. I always thought you were the smart one. … Continue reading Work.