My New Normal

I hate that phrase "the new normal," I finally understand how it applies to me though. Grief never let's you get comfortable.

The Other Life Lost

I typically try to write these as though they are to my brother. Today I'm going to talk to the person who took his life.

Which Grief is Better (OR when will your death stop affecting me)

“woman sitting on cliff overlooking mountains during daytime” by Milan Popovic on UnsplashHey Andrew, There are times when it feels like it’s going to get tough for a while and there’s nothing I can do about it. It feels like we’ve been in the trenches for two-years and looks like we may be here a bit … Continue reading Which Grief is Better (OR when will your death stop affecting me)

Thank you.

We are loved but we don’t feel loved all of the time. We feel abandoned when we most need reassurance. We have faith that things will work out, and they do, but not how you envisioned. Life curves this way, jags that way, and does a few loop-de-loops. These stories are ones that define who … Continue reading Thank you.

The Rainbow Connection

This title is a bit misleading. This isn’t a blog about rainbows, or even The Muppets. This is a blog about how triggers send us down a road we’d rather not travel on. Everyone has a trigger when it comes to grief. For some it may be a word, an event, an action taken by … Continue reading The Rainbow Connection