The Power of Twenty-eight

My brother has been gone 28-years and I'm still discovering new levels of grief.

The Andrew Project

Around the anniversary of my brother's death, I tend to think about other people in my situation. How did they feel? What did they experience? How are they now? Finally, I decided to do something about it. I’m gathering information to see how I can help other’s who have lost a sibling (or other losses). … Continue reading The Andrew Project

Dear Papa Bear

Dear Papa Bear, I'm going to miss you. Here are some of my memories of our life together.

My New Normal

I hate that phrase "the new normal," I finally understand how it applies to me though. Grief never let's you get comfortable.

To Grandma, on your Second Heaven-versary

Grandma- Today is your second Heaven-versary. Thinking back, there are three traits that you gave my mom and she gave me. Here they are.