Which Grief is Better (OR when will your death stop affecting me)

“woman sitting on cliff overlooking mountains during daytime” by Milan Popovic on UnsplashHey Andrew, There are times when it feels like it’s going to get tough for a while and there’s nothing I can do about it. It feels like we’ve been in the trenches for two-years and looks like we may be here a bit … Continue reading Which Grief is Better (OR when will your death stop affecting me)

Super Senses: A Primer

Trying some superhero looks on for size in the swimsuit I will be happy to never see again. ©2018, Meghan GrossThe summer of 2017 was like many others: my girls lived in swimsuits while playing inside and outside, our dog Spot ran to the door every 5-minutes, my stay-at-home husband was trying to get the girls … Continue reading Super Senses: A Primer

The Return of the “I Wonder…“

Andrew with his silly pink hat and science lab.Last night I was writing my book and thought, “Hey! I wonder if any of Andrew’s friends are on Facebook!” There are two that I can remember the first and last names and I found them both. One is married with three kids and the other just got … Continue reading The Return of the “I Wonder…“

Separation anxiety is real.

Andrew, age 4. Dow Gardens, Midland, Michigan.Deadlines and urgent requests were pouring in so mom and I decided to work through lunch. She ran to get the food and took longer than I thought she should. Instantly, I could see her mangled car on the side of the road and waves of anguish approaching…then she … Continue reading Separation anxiety is real.

I am a mother.

Georgia, age 3.5 (Photo by http://www.alaynejohnsonphotography.com/) Hey Andrew, There was a blog I read once about someone’s first born and how that child made that person a mother. This baby made this woman a mother. She wasn’t a mother until she saw, “two little pink lines.” Seems obvious really, but it really struck me for … Continue reading I am a mother.