The Other Life Lost

I typically try to write these as though they are to my brother. Today I'm going to talk to the person who took his life.

The Grief Connection

“person writing on a book” by Cathryn Lavery on UnsplashJust a short blog. Now that I know the pain of losing my brother, whenever I hear of a news event involving a life gone too soon or a friend loses someone prematurely, I feel every emotion tied to my experience and wish I could trade pain … Continue reading The Grief Connection

Explaining death to a child

Georgia.Tonight, Georgia was helping me give Violet a bath… “Someday G, you and Violet will be able to take baths together. Won’t that be fun? My brother and I took baths together when I was little. We loved it!” “But he died right?” “Yes, he did. He’s in Heaven now.” “Why didn’t his doctors try … Continue reading Explaining death to a child