The Power of Twenty-eight

My brother has been gone 28-years and I'm still discovering new levels of grief.

The Andrew Project

Around the anniversary of my brother's death, I tend to think about other people in my situation. How did they feel? What did they experience? How are they now? Finally, I decided to do something about it. I’m gathering information to see how I can help other’s who have lost a sibling (or other losses). … Continue reading The Andrew Project

Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

High Need for Closure

My 10 tips to get through those nagging things that can't be resolved quickly (hello, COVID-19).

My New Normal

I hate that phrase "the new normal," I finally understand how it applies to me though. Grief never let's you get comfortable.

Photo by Daniela Cuevas on Unsplash

Let It Matter

A healing moment courtesy of Johnnyswim's song "Let it Matter."