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High Need for Closure

My 10 tips to get through those nagging things that can't be resolved quickly (hello, COVID-19).

Positive. Positive. Negative.

Why is it that the things we remember the most are the hard things? The things that hurt? Why do our brains go to that first, rather than characterize a moment in time with the more positive? You know what I mean.

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A hamster. A freezer. A hungry grandpa.

One time we took care of our neighbors' hamsters. One hamster bit my brother and died. It ended up in the freezer. My grandpa was hungry. (Note: He did NOT eat the hamster.)

Super Senses: A Primer

Trying some superhero looks on for size in the swimsuit I will be happy to never see again. ¬©2018, Meghan¬†GrossThe summer of 2017 was like many others: my girls lived in swimsuits while playing inside and outside, our dog Spot ran to the door every 5-minutes, my stay-at-home husband was trying to get the girls … Continue reading Super Senses: A Primer


A letter to my brother as I get my youngest daughter to sleep.