Positive. Positive. Negative.

Why is it that the things we remember the most are the hard things? The things that hurt? Why do our brains go to that first, rather than characterize a moment in time with the more positive? You know what I mean.

Lost Perspective

I know that God is here. I know it. I was driving around praying yesterday. The girls were in the back of my car alternating between singing to "Silly Songs with Larry" and fighting. Matt was at work. I realized that I had taken on a victim mentality. I needed to step out of my … Continue reading Lost Perspective

The Holiday Feels

I love time with family. Those first holidays without that person though...man, it's tough.

Photo by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash

A hamster. A freezer. A hungry grandpa.

One time we took care of our neighbors' hamsters. One hamster bit my brother and died. It ended up in the freezer. My grandpa was hungry. (Note: He did NOT eat the hamster.)

In the summertime

Remembering summers in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.