A Cup of Tea

I love tea. There's something so cozy, reflective, and takes me to childhood. If only I would remember to drink it 50% of the time.

Positive. Positive. Negative.

Why is it that the things we remember the most are the hard things? The things that hurt? Why do our brains go to that first, rather than characterize a moment in time with the more positive? You know what I mean.

Lost Perspective

I know that God is here. I know it. I was driving around praying yesterday. The girls were in the back of my car alternating between singing to "Silly Songs with Larry" and fighting. Matt was at work. I realized that I had taken on a victim mentality. I needed to step out of my … Continue reading Lost Perspective

Photo by Daniela Cuevas on Unsplash

Let It Matter

A healing moment courtesy of Johnnyswim's song "Let it Matter."

The Holiday Feels

I love time with family. Those first holidays without that person though...man, it's tough.